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my lil nugget.. tried it twice & my stomach is NOT having lol 🐠🐟🐙❌✋🙅

6 days ago
"Caelyn.. Cailyn.. Jailyn.. N.. like nugget.. Stinkerbell.."
- this ftm trying to come up with names

How far along? I’m 20 weeks today ! I swear once you say “halfway there” it seems as if the time flew .. but if I just say im 5 months , im like ok cool.

Total Weight gain: 6 lbs only . mainly because I lost over 10 lbs my first trimester . I’m 139.2 now.

Maternity Clothes: nope. not this way, I could probably use some maternity pants for work, since baby likes to chill below the belt making mommy grow, but its fine for now . still size 7

Stretch Marks: no new ones. I have previous stretch marks on my sides from my birth control weight gain . 130 to 170 in a short period of time.. but I use a mix of Bio Oil & Palmers Tummy Butter daily, to extend the risk of getting alot more .

Sleep: always my favorite hobby, but getting off work after midnight ( when my baby normally wakes up) has me up til about 4am everynight, then I’ll sleep til noon .

Best moment:  was the first time ! sorry if its TMI, but I was sitting on the toilet, & I felt baby, so I leaned back & looked down & there it was, the most amazing sight thus far.

Movement: Nightly. every now & again I’ll feel baby when I wake up and eat breakfast, but other than that its only late at night. babys an Owl already, I gotta change that lol

Food cravings: nothing super strong, just sweets, any and everything sweet. and banana pudding .

Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of cigarettes, hot or “cooked” alfredo sauce, chicken, shrimp,  and i think thats it.

Labor Signs: No way!.

Belly button in or out? still an innie & im still rocking my belly ring, I think I might actually be able to do so up until birth, I’ve always had pretty thick skin .

Happy or Moody most of the time? Bit of both. working on my personal happiness though.

Looking forward: to my appointment next friday ! I cant wait to see my babygirl & how she has progressed . & praying the doctor doesn’t tell me shes grown a penis, because we’ve been planning this baby shower & i’ve been working on this nursery lol

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TOday is my halfway point 20 WEEKS!! 


2 weeks ago